When rest doesn’t come.

The last few days have proved themselves to be exhausting. My 13 month old has decided he no longer enjoys going down for his naps. We started napping him in his toddler bed to see if he would be able to transition before baby #2 needed the crib. And he was doing great for weeks! [...]


My Hope is not in my Husband

I remember it clearly, sitting in the mall parking lot with my husband of not even a year. There were tears welling up in my eyes and a deep aching in my heart. We sat in silence as I desperately tried to muster up the confidence to share what was on my mind. It was [...]

Diary of an Introverted Mama: Being an introvert and a mom

It's days like today that I realize what a blessing it is that my husband gets to work from home. But today was a busy one for him and I spent most of the day at home by myself with our one year old. It's almost 8 pm as I'm writing this. The baby is [...]

These are the things you SHOULD be saying to a new mom.

When I became a new mom, it was nothing like I ever imagined. My life changed drastically both in the sense that I now had the sweetest new baby to hold and love and that I began struggling with postpartum depression. Postpartum mood disorders are becoming more and more common, but there are still so [...]

The #1 thing you should never forget on Valentine’s Day (even if you’re single!)

I remember all too well the seasons of singleness in my life. Out of the 24 years I've been on this earth, 18 (and a half) of those years were spent as a single lady. Singleness is definitely not a bad thing, but I remember that I spent most of that time wishing I wasn't [...]

Putting Pride Aside

I absolutely love Pinterest! It inspires me, makes me laugh, and encourages me to dream. I find myself scrolling through Pinterest pretty often, but if you logged into my account and saw my profile, you’d notice that a lot of my boards are marked as “secret” which means only I can seen them. Now before [...]